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Train every week through our 8 session programme!

Our Beginners Course Will Take You Step By Step Through All The Core SKills Of MMA

The Primary objective of the MMA Beginners Course is to help you through the first few weeks of your MMA training where there’s a lot to learn and many important core concepts to cover.

The course is also designed to help you transition into our regular ongoing classes, the course will allow you to start to feel comfortable with the environment and the coaches and you’ll get an opportunity to see that the gym has a very positive and friendly environment.

How Do I Get Started?

A new cycle of the MMA Beginners Course starts every month, so new members join together at the beginning of every month. We have two sessions a week and you can choose to train at one or both. Getting started is easy you just decide on whether you want to train once or twice a week and then register for the start of the upcoming month.

Just fill in this form and we’ll get straight back to you with more details about how the course works and how you register for a place.

How Long Is The Course?

The course is broken down into cycles of 4 classes and each class lasts around 1 hour 20 mins. During each cycle we focus on particular core elements of MMA and work on them progressively throughout the cycle. A standard Beginners Course consists of 2 cycles – so 8 sessions in total. If you’re training once a week you’ll complete the 2 cycles in two months, if you’re training twice a week you’ll complete the 2 cycles in 1 month.

The beginners course is a great way to learn MMA. As a beginner to martial arts the encouragement, experience and support the instructors give you is second to none and I look forward to training with them for many years to come!

Nat Frisken


Yes! Our Beginners Courses are designed specifically for anyone who is just starting out. You don’t need to be fit and you don’t need to have any previous experience. You’ll see a wide variety of people on the Beginners Courses and our coaches are experts and helping you get through the day safely. The beginners courses and the entire gym have a great atmosphere and a very positive vibe, you will be OK! 

What Will I Learn?

The course is designed to teach you the fundamental techniques and concepts of Mixed Martial Arts so you will cover a lot of content on the course. You will be learning striking skills like punching and kicking, and grappling skills like wrestling and submissions but it’s all done at a pace and a level that is perfect for beginners. By the end of the course you should really start to understand the core concepts of MMA and you will have learned some incredible skills.

How Much Is The Course?

Each 4 session cycle costs £40 and this payment is made at the beginning of each cycle. However, your first cycle is discounted so the first 4 sessions are half price and will only cost you £20. This is booked online in advance but there is a moneyback guarantee with every booking, if for any reason you don’t love it after the first session we will refund you in full.

Countdown To the Next Beginners Course...


Our next Weekly beginners courses start on Fri 29th November / Tues 3rd December


Once you’ve completed the standard Beginners Course you can join in with any of the MMA classes that run at the gym throughout the week. We have an entire floor at our facility dedicated to these classes and there are more than 20 sessions that we run each week for all ages and abilities. So once you’ve completed the course you can move onto an ongoing membership that suits your needs.

Our Beginners Courses also form part of a larger objective which is to work towards a promotion to a new level. You can think of this like getting a belt in traditional Martial Arts. If you wish to continue doing additional cycles of the Beginners Course they will help you move towards this first promotion.

What If I can't Make These Days?

There are two versions of our MMA Beginners Course, this one where you train week by week through 8 sessions but we also have a special half day course called ‘The MMA Experience’. If you can’t commit to a regular schedule or you just want to get the course done as quickly as possible then the Half Day Course might be for you. You can learn more about the Half Day MMA Beginners Course here.


No, everything you need to get through the Beginners Course we have for you at the gym so it’s very easy to just turn up and get started. Once you’ve fallen in love with your training we have equipment at the gym that you can purchase if you want to continue training longer term.


Just fill in this form and we’ll get straight back to you with more details about how the course works and how you register for a place.