Timothy Shanthakumar

The MMA coaching staff are amazing! No click mentality whatsoever, they take time out to train with and encourage everybody, from beginners to the highly skilled, they always add value to anyone they come in contact with!!!
If you live in the area, try the classes across the week!!! It’ll change your life!!! If I won the lottery, the first thing I’d do is move to West London so that I could be part of this gym’s development because I can see big things for them on the horizon!!!

Emily Reed

This place has become my favourite place on the planet. I did there fantastic season two wimp to warrior program and was blown away by the commitment and passion each of the coaches here display when delivering there sessions. Excellent facilities run by experts who know and love what they do, very friendly and welcoming to all who attend regardless of ability and experience. Check it out yourself and see!

Jennifer Dow

Straight up, these people are my family. They make me stronger, they make me better in every way. I would do anything for them.
Come along, have a play, push yourself out of your comfort zone.

Suzi Bowen

Can’t rate this place enough. Having joined a year ago I have made so many good friends and so much progress in my training with the support of such amazing coaches. Couldn’t imagine life without it now

JohnRoss Yuzon

This gym has changed my life for the better. It has opened my eyes to the potential I can achieve and more.
It’s like a Big Family here which is quality as everyone will support and encourage you to become the best person you can be.
If you want to be Stronger, Fitter whilst having a Great Time this is Where You Belong.
I Love It Here 😃👊🏼

Suzie Crowther

I came here knowing no one and quickly became friends with everyone… now I couldn’t imagine my life without this place… I come here to unwind and hang out with some awesome people; getting fit, strong and feeling like a bad ass are just an added bonus

Kirsten Mac

TR1BE is so much more than a gym. We are a community, a family.
I moved to London not knowing a soul, but TR1BE welcomed me in with open arms and I instantly felt at home.
This place embodies empowerment and self progression – whether that’s mental or physical.
Or maybe you just want to make friends with the most incredible group of humans EVER!
Whatever your purpose, the outstanding coaching and constant support will allow your progress to surpass expectation.
Prepare to fall in love 😍

Gemoline Rose

I came across this gym just under a year ago. At the time I was a member of a gym chain picking up bad habits at classes like body pump. I did a trial session and I loved it. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. Initially I signed up for two sessions per week but soon extended that to six sessions per week. I even get up early and attend the 5am sessions I’m so committed! The coaches are just amazing! They have encouraged me so much. They have helped me to believe in myself and made me realise I can do things I never thought possible; including entering myself for competitions! This isn’t like a normal gym, it’s like personal training and everyone encourages you no matter what your ability. At nearly 40 years old i feel fitter and stronger than I’ve ever felt.