Where it all began…

Where it all began…

It was 5 years ago. A cold winter’s month. Ok, enough with the narrative! We’ll give you the short version!

But seriously, it was 5 years ago! Matt had a friend. His name was Charlie. Matt had an interest in ‘real’ MMA, and knew Charlie trained in ‘real’ MMA. Charlie took Matt along to his club, Pro MAI. Charlie introduced Matt to Lee. Lee was obviously late for class!

Matt got a few classes under his belt and was really enjoying it.

Matt was waiting for an operation, and had a chat with Lee, explaining after his operation, he was looking into opening a gym, but a gym with a twist.

Lee was on board, and 6 months later, what we can now call ‘Tribe One 1.0’ was born.

How do we know this happened 5 years ago? We stumbled across this picture of Lee, beating Matt up, which was dated December 14, 2012.

5 years later, and so much has changed. The facility. The coaches. The members. Literally, everything. But the one thing that still remains the same, and always will…..Lee is still beating Matt up!

Here’s to another 5, 15 and 25 years!



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