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Wimp 2 Warrior Season 3

Once again TRIBE One Gym will be running the amazing Wimp 2 Warrior series with the PRO MAI MMA Team and 15.10.2017 is your last chance to try out for this life changing journey. We’re looking for ordinary men and women to embark on a 6 month MMA and fitness

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All Hail Marie Shaw!

Amongst many, many other elements to the gym, we are home to some incredibly talented CrossFit athletes that compete at various levels. So we wanted to take the time to give our very own Marie Shaw a massive shout for competing over the weekend ?? Marie’s hard work and dedication

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Mixed Martial Arts News

Friday morning’s in full swing

Our Friday morning sessions start at 5am and by 6am there are sessions in action both downstairs in the Strength and Conditioning room and upstairs in the MMA room. Here’s a quick glimpse of some of the action from this morning… The fun never stops at this place… Posted by

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New TR1 signature classes!

From July we’ve introduced a brand new TRIBE one signature class called ‘TR1’. These classes involve an intense workout around three core pieces of cardio equipment – the air bike, the rower and the ski machine. These classes are great for all levels as every individual can work to their

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