New MMA Grading System – Introducing The Continuous Assessment Programme

The new grading system has been in effect for around 18 months now and has produced the fundamental structure for assessing the level of the students that have participated. However we still have many members that have not participated in the gradings thus far and so naturally the system is only giving us a partial view of the progress of our students. It’s still frequently the case that we might have a student whose skills have surpassed their current level yet they have not yet had the opportunity to be graded.

Ultimately the point of the grading system should be that it gives us a comprehensive view of every member’s progression so that we can set appropriate goals for each individual and teach at an appropriate level for the students in the classes. Looking further ahead we would like to be able to set minimum grade requirements for certain classes, but again this can only really work if everyone is involved in the ranking.

From the new year we’re going to make a major change to the way we grade MMA members, we’re going to implement a system that we’ll refer to as the Continuous Assessment Programme. The physical/technical requirements to be promoted will remain largely the same, and the same principle of needing a minimum amount of time and classes before promotion will remain.

The fundamental difference is that the bulk of the testing will happen in single small single drill assessments in and around class times during regular training rather than just in one big assessment at the end. To help us track and manage this, each member will be given a Training Record where each session they attend will be recorded and a record of each of the assessments will be maintained.

Each training record will be broken up into several stages and each stage will require a minimum amount of sessions. Once the minimum sessions have been obtained you will be eligible for one of the assessments. For each grade there will be five stages and a total of five assessments. For grades 1-3, once the minimum time/sessions have been completed and each of the five assessments have been completed to the required level you will be promoted to the next grade. For grades 4-6, once you have completed the time/sessions and in class assessments there will be an additional grading on a separate day. This grading will comprise of several more advanced tests and if this is completed to the required level then you will be promoted to the next level.

The overall break down of the requirements is as follows:

This new system will officially begin in February but we’ll begin rolling out the training records in January. At the end of January we’ll have a final assessment under the current system allowing people to test for any level on Sunday January 26th. If anyone has already completed the time/lessons required and is due to be graded, this will give you an opportunity to be promoted ready for the new system to begin in February. Regardless, while everyone is settling into the new system there will be some crediting of existing time and sessions for most students.

Hopefully this gives everyone a reasonable overview of our intentions but please don’t worry if this doesn’t make complete sense right now. We’ll discuss some of the finer details of exactly how everything will work several times over the coming weeks. One of our primary intentions with this system is to allow everyone to have continuous visible goals and an ongoing sense of progression and we believe it will benefit everyone, including the coaches, if we can implement it well.

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