Announcement regarding some changes to Friday MMA Classes…

From this Friday we’re going to be adding a new Friday evening class to the schedule. This class is going to combine the core elements of wrestling and pad-work and a high pace to achieve three objectives:

Better core wrestling technique through repetitive drilling of fundamentals

Striking technique and power improvements through repetitive striking combinations on focus mits / Thai pads

Fight stamina enhancement delivered via rounds with fight relevant techniques with fight duration focus

The class will be open to all levels and you could think of it like a combination of a Combat Fit class and an MMA Core class. For now the class is going under the working title of ‘MMA Fight Ready’.

We’ll be testing it out through March and we should have it fully up to speed by April. If you would like to come and give it a try in March then your first one will be free! Sign up for the session as usual and then we’ll refund it straight after.

Pavlo Pivovarov will be assisting with the development of this class throughout March and April with a view to him coaching the class on a more permanent basis if the format is well received. You can book up now on Team Up for the classes starting this week.

As we test this new session we will sadly be postponing the Friday morning grappling sessions. This doesn’t effect very many of you but hopefully for those that do attend the Friday morning ‘breakfast roll’ you’ll still be able to get your Friday fix in the evening instead while we get this up and running.

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