Coronavirus update : 16.03.2020

After much deliberation and consultation over the weekend here is our present stance on the Coronavirus situation though please appreciate this may change on a daily basis.

Please read all of it.

We’ll continue to stay up-to-date with what is being released by the NHS/Government, as well as our amazing personal resources that we’re lucky to be able to talk to about the situation.

What is it?
COVID-19 is a disease. Many have, and many more will be infected with the disease. For well over 90% of those infected, it will cause mild illness, and you will recover. It can be much more severe for others.

The Coronavirus: General Prevention
If you’ve been hitting the gym regularly, eating as nutritiously as you can and getting lots of sleep, then well done; you’ve done everything you can to deal with the virus up until now!
Living a strong, fit, healthy lifestyle will make sure your immune system is as strong as it can be to deal with this.
Coronavirus is primarily spread through respiratory particles, and secondarily through contact. We’ll keep in place the already good practice we have of using anti-bac as regularly as needed, but please don’t panic at the thought of touching something that someone else has, or avoid touching each other.
Again, the strongest defence to the virus is being a healthy individual, and remaining healthy. Keeping active, strong, eating well and getting as much sleep as you can. Weird that; living a healthy life is the best way to deal with a virus.

Rules for Tribe
We already have a really stringent cleaning protocol at Tribe, and we’ll obviously continue to adhere to this, as well as introducing some extra cleaning.
However, the most important precaution we can take is ‘monitoring’.
What we mean by this is, if ANYONE feels like they experience any of the symptoms of the Coronavirus, please do the following;

  1. Message us directly
  2. Avoid the club for 2 weeks
  3. Keep up-to-date using the government website 

The symptoms of Coronavirus are;

  1. A fever/high temperature
  2. A persistent cough
  3. A runny nose
  4. A sore throat
  5. Difficulty breathing

PLEASE DO NOT THINK “It’s just a cough”.
Ordinarily, we’d understand that approach. And probably commend you for battling through a cough.
But this time round, be considerate and be cautious – avoid the club for 2 weeks.
Think of it like a holiday. At home. In the cold. And rain.
Please, make sure you message us directly if you do show symptoms and are self-isolating.
This is critically important, as it’ll allow us to proactively trace the spread.
For example, if you show symptoms, and message us, and we know you train at specific times, we can start to put measures in place; we can warn others that trained in the same sessions to be aware, and if someone else that regularly trained with you shows symptoms, we can take more drastic measures, such as asking other people from those sessions to have a week off from training. In the worst case scenario we would potentially have to suspend training at the gym for a number of days.

Additional Rules for MMA Classes

During this time we are going to move away from any grappling based sessions and focus mostly on striking and conditioning skills so that we can minimise contact. You will see some changes to the timetable to reflect this so please keep checking the app timetable to ensure you are up to date.

We will also be asking that no one uses the shared gloves at the gym until further notice, if you do not have your own gloves then it will naturally restrict the amount of participation you can have in the session.

Youth/Junior Class Considerations

Right now the Youth and Junior age classes will remain on our timetable but we will utilise punchbags and other equipment to minimise contact between students during this time. If an announcement is made to close schools at some point  we will close our Youth and Junior Classes in line with this.

In Summary

Please let’s make sure that we’re sensible, honest, and thoughtful, at this time. If you feel like you have the symptoms, follow the guidelines; self-isolate and avoid the club for two weeks.
Do not put your family and friends at risk of catching it because maybe you don’t think it’s a big deal and don’t want to miss out.
Your body might be able to ride out the infection with very little consequence, but there are people in your life, including those at the club, that suffer from Asthma, high blood pressure and other respiratory issues, that will potentially have more sever consequences.

We’ve never had a day where we’ve officially closed – we’ve even trained during building works and on Christmas and New Years Day! But, if we do reach critical points where you are asked to stay at home, where coaches can’t attend sessions or where classes are cancelled, we ask for your understanding and patience as we attempt to get through this.

We have just ordered 3 months supply of toilet roll and blue roll and anti-bac spray
But we couldn’t get hold of any pasta.

Peace, positivity, and happiness

Matt Healy / Lee Aylett

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