MMA Beginners Course

Beginners Courses Kick Off On The First Tuesday & Friday Of Each Month

As much as we try to make our MMA classes as friendly and accessible as possible it can still feel quite intimidating to walk into a class of existing members. This is one of the key reasons that we run our 8 weeks MMA introduction courses.

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If you’re thinking of getting into MMA just as a fun way to get fit or as a serious sporting pursuit then these courses provide an ideal way to get started. The 8 week course is designed specifically to take people on a journey from complete beginner to a point where you feel knowledgeable about all the basic concepts of Mixed Martial Arts. These courses have a great atmosphere as everyone is in the same position and the group will bond closely over the 8 weeks, it’s a really fun way to get involved in the sport.

During the 8 weeks we will cover a whole range of subjects including

Standing striking

including kicks, punches, footwork and defence

Standing wrestling

including controlling an opponent, striking from close range and using the wall/cage


including upper trips, throws and leg tackles

Groundwork and grappling

including control & movement, ground striking and submissions

By the end of the 8 weeks you will have accumulated a vast array of knowledge and will already have some serious skills, you’ll also be in a position where you will feel comfortable enough to join in with any of our standard MMA classes and feel at home. So once the course has finished there will be plenty of opportunities for you to continue your training with us.

Beginners Courses Kick Off On The First Tuesday & Friday Of Each Month

These courses are very popular, so please fill out the form below as soon as possible and we’ll send you more details about booking a place on our course…