Coronavirus Update : 18.03

Dear Tribe

We hope this message reaches you in good health and spirits.

This is an urgent message, and we ask you read the entire post.

We’re going through some incredibly testing times for everyone.

Not just testing, but understandably worrying, and to be frank, a scary time for many.

Stay Safe

We want to start by saying that as a small business, specifically, a gym, we are up-to-date with the most accurate information available.

With that said, we want to first put your mind at ease.

The media are doing what the media do best; causing panic and fear in the public domain.

We know that despite the Coronavirus being a very real threat, and one that we do need to take seriously, there are solutions to what is going on, and we will come out the other side better for having gone through this.

With regards to safety and protocols away from the club and everyday life, please use the following link: https://www.gov.uk/government/ publications/covid-19-stay-at- home-guidance

We can not stress enough at this point, it is ALL OF OUR responsibilities to follow the guidance set out by the experts.

This information is changing on a daily basis, so please do check regularly.

Now, with regards to the club and how we plan to operate through this time…

Strength and Fitness

We have implemented a set of strict protocols to adhere too, starting as soon as you walk into the club. These are;

Sessions capped at 9 people


Advice given is that 2 meters seems to be the ‘safe’ distance when ‘social distancing’. In other words, people need to try and keep 2 meters away from each other, to help curb the spread of the virus. Our space feels like we can hold 9 people whilst adhering to this advice.

Also, we won’t need to share kit with 9 people, so there will be less chance of any spread relating to contact.

48 hour timetable, with 45 minute classes


We’ll be creating a timetable for each 48 hour period. 

We have no idea if the Government will enforce a lock down so we can’t actually offer classes, or, if the guidelines given will change. As it stands, we can run small classes adhering to the Government guidelines. We may not be able to in 48 hours time.

PushPress will be constantly updated, so please keep your eyes peeled.

We have a timetable to see us through to Friday morning, and will update PushPress again is Government guidelines allow us to.

In order to maximise as many peoples opportunities to train as possible, we’ll need to run as many small classes as possible, meaning we’ll be reducing the time to 45 minute sessions. 

Wash hands on entry / no sharing kit / wipe down kit after use


If you can wash your hands when you come in, and the kit is already clean, we’re limiting the threat of spreading, as in theory, everything should be clean and remain clean.

There are plenty of clean towels in the changing rooms.

Expect doors open and running


Despite good, natural ventilation not being ‘proven’ to help stop the spread, it won’t harm us.

Running will help us do our upmost to follow the guidelines of social distancing.

In short, we are continuing to train, the coaches will be enforcing the above rules, we have adjusted the timetable, but the timetable will be based on upcoming Government guidelines.

Mixed Martial Arts

With the main Government guideline being ‘social distancing’, i.e. trying to keep a 2 meter radius from other people, it has proven impossible to continue our MMA programme.

As of immediately, our MMA programme, for Seniors, Youth and Juniors, will be suspended.

This is quite literally the hardest decision we have had to make as a club, and not one we’ve taken lightly.

At this point, we’d like to explain what we have had to take into consideration here;

Yes, chances of people catching the virus at the moment are relatively low.

Yes, as members of the club you’ll be fit and healthy. Those that are fit and healthy and have been infected, have displayed positive signs of coping with the virus. But you can still be a ‘carrier’, and spread the virus to those that aren’t as immune as you.

The NHS wouldn’t be able to cope with a sudden urge of cases; they literally don’t have the resources to deal with thousands of cases coming through the doors.

We have to follow the guidelines to flatten the curve to help them deal with the strain of what’s going on.

Also, we all have older, or more vulnerable people in our lives that we genuinely need to be aware of; what if you were a carrier, and passed it on to your parents or grandparents, who’s immune system isn’t as strong as yours?

We hate creeping towards a scaremongering tone, but, these are legitimate concerns we have to take seriously.

As a result, we feel the safest way to go for the good of not just our members health, but showing some responsibility to the welfare of the country and the NHS, is to suspend all MMA programmes until Monday 6 April.

We will be launching an online based programme MMA programme, that will give you the opportunity to continue your MMA progress in some capacity.

This will commence the week beginning Monday 23 March.


Again, we know first hand what a tough and worrying time this is.

We’re unsure of the immediate future, as are all of you.

With our plan of keeping our Strength and Fitness programme running in some capacity, with the plan of starting the MMA programmes again on Monday 6 April, and launching an online MMA programme for members, we have decided to keep our memberships running exactly as they are.

For the 7 years the club has been here, we have never held contracts, never chased members for overdue fees, never charged a joining fee, and allowed memberships to be as flexible and flowing as possible.

The club always has, and always will, do everything in its power to support all its members.

We are asking all members to continue with the membership they currently have going into April.

It’s as simple as this; if enough members cancel or freeze their memberships, there will not be a club to come back to.

If there is, then the contracts and joining fees you find at other clubs and gyms may have to be enforced to guarantee our safety in the case any future events like this again.

We’ll continue to keep everyone up-to-date as we are updated.

Any questions, we ask if you can please email: ‘request@tribeonegym.co.uk’

It might be a few days until we can reply, but please do use the above email, so we have a record of your question and can address it as quickly as possible.

Thank you in advance for your patience, understanding and trust in this very difficult situation.

Matt and Lee,

Tribe One Gym.

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