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A Studio Class Trial Pack or an induction course for our ACADEMY Classes, you decide…

There are two main ways to get started with your training at TRIBE One Gym. You can start immediately with one of our STUDIO Class Trial Packs or register for one of our step by step induction courses so that you can become and ACADEMY Class member. If you already have significant training experience then use our contact form to get in touch and we will help you make the move to TRIBE One Gym.

Studio Class Trial Pack

3 Studio Classes For Just £10!

Our STUDIO Classes provide a great entry point into training at TRIBE One Gym, they’re not as technical as our ACADEMY Classes so they don’t require any induction and you don’t need any previous experience – you can just sign up and get started! We have an amazing offer for anyone wishing to try our STUDIO Classes, you can buy a 3 Class Trial Pack for just £10. This allows you to try any three studio classes so that you can see just how amazing they are!

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Induction Courses

Strength + Fitness Induction Programme

If you want to push your Strength and Fitness training to the next level then you need our ACADEMY Classes. These classes require a certain amount of knowledge and experience so we provide step by step induction programmes that will help you to learn everything you need to know. Once you’ve completed your induction programme you will be able to access our full timetable of Strength + Fitness Classes.

Next Course Starts Soon!

MMA Beginners Courses

If you’ve always wanted to try MMA then we have the perfect way for you to get started. Our dedicated beginners courses are designed to take you step by step through the core elements of Mixed Martial Arts. These courses take place in our dedicated MMA studio with highly qualified coaches. By the end of the course you will have a whole range of knowledge and skills and we will get you to a point where you’ll feel comfortable joining in with any of our 20+ MMA classes that we run throughout the week.

Next Course Starts 3rd April


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