Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve been to a standard gym chain then it’s likely that you’ve just felt like a number and likely that no one has known your name. This would be unheard of at TRIBE One, you’ll be on first name terms with the coaches and they’ll have a personal understanding of where you are with your training and progression. You can expect to get a considerable amount of personal attention as you go through your training.
The majority of our classes are designed to be able to accommodate beginners so there are many that you can choose from. If you look at the class pages like this one Fitness Classes you will see that each class states the suitability – look for the ones that say ‘beginner’.
No! We have no intention of locking anyone into a contract that they no longer wish to be part of, you can cancel at anytime but we doubt you’ll want to…
Absolutely, the vast majority of our new MMA students have no previous experience and are complete beginners. We’re very careful to ensure that beginners feel comfortable walking into our gym and doing their first few classes.
There is a mainline station at Feltham that is only 30 minutes from central London. It will take you around 5 minutes to walk to TRIBE One gym from the station, you can see walking directions here Walking from Feltham Station to TRIBE One
No! You don’t have to be fit to get started with us, getting you fit is our job! It can often feel intimidating to walk into a gym when you’ve not been active previously but we’re not like a normal gym – we will look after you, you will be fine, you will feel welcome, we will make you feel like you belong here!
We are right next door to a large leisure complex called Leisure West in Feltham, there is ample free parking here for all of our members.