Classes At TRIBE ONE

At TRIBE One we pride ourselves on having the absolute highest level of coaching. We have two areas of expertise STRENGTH + FITNESS and MIXED MARTIAL ARTS. We’re so dedicated to both of these pursuits that we have an entire floor dedicated to each, on the ground floor we have our STRENGTH + FITNESS area and on the first floor we have our MMA area.

Amazing group fitness classes with expert coaching and a great atmosphere that will enable you to reach all your strength and fitness goals

2 TYPES Of Training

We have an entire floor dedicated to Mixed Martial Arts and Beginners Courses that introduce you to this amazing sport step by step

At TRIBE One Gym there is something for everyone and we specialise in helping people to get the best possible start in their journey into Fitness or MMA. We have two types of classes STUDIO and ACADEMY. Our STUDIO Classes allow you to jump straight in and get started on your journey, there’s no induction needed, no prerequisites and they’re open to everyone. If you’re looking to take things up a notch then our ACADEMY Classes will give you the technical know how and the most effective training for real life changing benefits.

If you’re just looking for some of the best fitness workouts available then you can get started straight away at our ‘studio’ style classes 

2 Types Of Classes

If you want to go beyond our studio classes and take your health & fitness to a whole new level then our Academy Classes are for you

Classes Today

Strength + Fitness Academy



All Levels
60 mins



All Levels
60 mins

Strength + Fitness Studio



All Levels
60 mins

Mixed Martial Arts Academy

Youth MMA


All Levels
60 mins



90 mins

MMA Grappling


105 mins

Mixed Martial Arts Studio