Why not come and try one of our amazing FLOWGA classes, a hybrid of traditional Himalayan Hatha Yoga, Animal Flow and meditation. This class is accessible for all, and is a fantastic compliment to any serious strength and fitness programme.

Class Type:  Yoga

Class Intensity:  Appropriate For All

Class Suitability:  Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Everything we do at TRIBE is designed with one thing in mind…to help our members become healthier, stronger, happier and the best version of themselves they can be…which is why we created TRIBE One Yoga.

Yoga is one of the most ancient forms of physical and mental exercise that means different things to different people, but most importantly, it has its own universal language and it is for absolutely EVERYBODY! Here at TRIBE One Yoga we welcome complete beginners and experienced yogis to come and practice with us in a safe, friendly and encouraging environment.

Our classes are ego free, inclusive and addictive and you will love how you feel when you step off your mat. We focus on combining specific elements of yoga to improve your physical wellbeing by practising standing, seated and balancing poses to increase your strength, flexibility & coordination, and we’ll teach you breathing and relaxation techniques to promote mental wellbeing that you can take away from the mat and into your daily life.

Our classes are designed to give your mind and body a challenging workout but yoga at TRIBE One is more than this…it’s about community, it’s about connecting with your fellow yogis, it’s about making friends whilst having fun and becoming a better you.

So whether you’re a runner, rower, Crossfitter or MMA fighter looking to complement your current training, whether you’re just beginning your health & wellness journey or returning to exercise, or maybe you just want to take some time out and escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, WE WELCOME YOU!

Class Schedule

Day Time Duration
Tuesday 6am 75 mins
Thursday 8pm 75 mins