Serious Competition!

For the competitive athlete in you, our TEAM classes are designed to replicate the nature and environment of Fitness competitions. A little more stringent than our regular classes, but still incredibly fun.

If your mindset in relation to training has changed from ‘recreational hobby’ to ‘train for sport’, then this class is a must.

This is not a coached class, but an advanced session programmed to test your every physical and mental skill in a competitive environment.

As always, there will be ways to scale what’s programmed to make it as accessible as possible, however, there will be a certain level of expectation before you can attend these classes, as movements and weight used will be advanced.

So if you have an urge to take things to the next level, and are looking at preparing for competitions, TEAM classes are a necessity.

Weekly Schedule

Wednesday 20:00

Duration: 90 mins

Saturday 10:15

Duration: 90 mins