Primal Strength!

Traditional ‘Strongman’ equipment, such as Tyres, Atlas Stones and Yokes, are mixed with natural human movements; pushing, pulling, carrying and lifting. Focusing on developing brute power in a very fun and unique way.

Possibly our most popular class, despite the slightly intimidating equipment that we use.

Our PRIMAL class is a hybrid of classic Strongman events and our more contemporary style of training. Think Tractor Tyres, Sandbags, Atlas Stones, Yokes and Farmers Handles, combined with a unique fitness twist and recordable, trackable workouts.

As the class is based on fundamental human movements (carrying, pushing, pulling, lifting and holding), it is more accessible than you may think.

We promise that nothing leaves you feeling better than a Tribe PRIMAL class.

Weekly Schedule

Sunday 10:15

Duration: 90 mins