MMA Striking



Take Your Striking To The Next Level!

Learn how to strike for MMA, including Boxing, Muay Thai, Kickboxing skills

Our Striking classes focus on all elements of striking within MMA; offencive punching, kicking and foot work, as well as defensive techniques utilising your arms, legs, body position and foot work.

The classes can be viewed as a mixture of Boxing and Muay Thai, but with an MMA emphasis, so you can learn the subtle, yet vital, differences that develop when you’re striking in MMA.

We have a technical class where the tempo is slower and we emphasis learning new skills and delving into the details of Striking within MMA.

We also run a sparring class which has no specific technical instruction, and offers the perfect opportunity to test and perfect your existing skills.

Weekly Schedule

Monday 18:00

Duration: 60 mins

Wednesday 18:15

Technique & Sparring
Duration: 75 mins

Friday 18:00

Padwork : All Levels
Duration: 60 mins

Sunday 09:00

Padwork : All Levels
Duration: 60 mins