MMA Grappling



Submission Grappling & Wrestling

This class focuses on all the wrestling & grappling skills of MMA covering take downs, clinch work, ground control, submissions, submission defence and more.

With the MMA Grappling sessions there is no striking involved, so it’s the perfect way to get involved in MMA without the contact. This is effectively a NO GI BJJ class where you learn how to control and submit your opponent.

We have two different MMA Grappling Classes; a technical and a sparring based class.

The technical class has an emphasis on learning new skills, understanding the finer details of grappling and the application of submission wrestling.

The sparring class has no specific technical instruction, and offers the perfect opportunity to test and perfect your existing skills.

Weekly Schedule

Monday 19:00

Technique & Drills
Duration: 75 mins

Sunday 10:00

Duration: 60 mins