MMA Core

Once you’ve completed one of our MMA Beginners Courses then this is the perfect next step to enhance your all round Mixed Martial Arts skills.

Class Type:  MMA

Class Intensity:  Low-Medium

Class Suitability:  Beginner, Intermediate

Once you’ve completed one of our MMA Beginners courses then the MMA Core Classes are a perfect next step to hone your all round MMA skills. These classes have a good mixture of technique and drills across all the core ranges so you’ll learn wrestling, striking and groundwork including punching and kicking skills, takedowns and cagework, grappling and submissions.

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Class Schedule

Day Time Duration
Monday 12:30pm 60 mins
Monday 6:30pm 75 mins
Wednesday 6:45am 75 mins
Thursday 7pm 75 mins
Saturday 11:15am 75 mins