MMA Beginners Course

Do you want to learn MMA, the world’s fastest growing sport? Our 8 Week Beginners Courses are specifically designed to get you started in Mixed Martial Arts, regardless of age or ability you can get involved!

Class Type:  MMA

Class Intensity:  Low-Medium

Class Suitability:  Beginner

Our highly experienced coaches will take you on a step by step journey where you will learn some fantastic Mixed Martial Arts techniques in a safe and friendly environment. You’ll finish the course with some amazing new skills and a new level of confidence!

Once you’ve completed the course you will have access to more that 20 classes per week where you can continue to hone your new skills at our full time MMA training academy.

Getting involved is simple, just register your interest here:
Register For A Place On Our Next Beginners Course
and we’ll get back to you with all the information on our upcoming courses and everything you need to get started.

If you’ve been looking for a new challenge in your life or you just want a more interesting way to get fit, strong and healthy then just get in touch and we’ll help you take those first steps!

Class Schedule

Day Time Duration
Tuesday 8:30pm 75 mins
Friday 7:15pm 120 mins
Sunday 9:30am All Day Session (once a month)