Combat Fit



Get Yourself In Fight Shape!

A fantastic all round workout for anyone who wants to take their fitness to a new level using MMA moves and drills. There’s no experience required and there’s no contact or sparring to worry about!

Another Tribe One exclusive, you won’t find a class like this anywhere else. A fast paced, physically and mentally demanding session that will take you out of your comfort zone and truly push you.

The classes utilise a range of core strength, fitness and mixed martial arts elements.

We’ll spend time working through a variety of easy-to-learn MMA exercises and drills that will test you like nothing else.

Combined with engaging bodyweight-based strength and fitness challenges, you won’t find another workout quite like this.

Weekly Schedule

Tuesday 18:15

All Levels
Duration: 60 mins

Wednesday 19:15

All Levels
Duration: 60 mins