About TRIBE One Gym

TRIBE ONE is a gym in Feltham, Middlesex in the West of London that offers a range of group based classes from strength training to fitness & CrossFit and we also have a dedicated Mixed Martial Arts studio offering MMA classes to all levels from beginner to professional. The gym itself is fitted out over two levels with the strength & conditioning zone on the ground floor and the MMA zone on the first floor.

TRIBE ONE was created because we are passionate about helping people to make positive changes in their lives. We believe we can offer serious physical and mental wellbeing to people of all levels and backgrounds and we absolutely expect to see continuous progression from every one of our members. The four guiding principles that we use to achieve this are as follows:

  • We create classes that are accessible to as many people as possible
  • We create an environment that cultivates positive change
  • We educate people on how to bring about change in the most effective and long lasting form
  • We enable each person to track and then test the changes that they make
At TRIBE ONE we’ve created an environment that supports you. That is tailored around you. That improves all aspects of your health – the physical, the mental and the emotional. An environment that you want to be a part of.

All are welcome. We boast members that range from kids, to men and women in their 50s. From some of the country’s elite athletes, to people brand new to training, recovering from injury or illness. This is why we say the TRIBE ONE is ‘Where you belong’.

About the Strength and Fitness Zone

We have a 2,000 square foot fully kited out facility of functional and real equipment. Most commercial gyms will have 5 Olympic Weightlifting Barbells, for a membership base of upwards of 2,000 members. We’ve got 15 Barbells for a membership base of less than 150. We have 10 separate squat racks. Over 1,500kg of plates that can be dropped from overhead. Dozens of medicine balls, kettlebells and skipping ropes. Enough pull up bars to fit 17 people simultaneously. And don’t forget the climbing ropes, assault bikes, Ski Erg machines, weighted vests, and plyometric boxes – oh and did we mention that we have a Super Hero mural that covers an entire just for a bit of extra inspiration?

We’re investing in new kit every month, everything you need is here.

About the MMA Zone

The Mixed Martial Arts training zone is a permanent area covering the entire first floor with over 1,500 square feet of mats. We have six permanent punch bag stations, more bags and grappling dummies to be working on the ground, dozens of kick shields, thai pads, head guards, punching pads and spare gloves and safety equipment for those just starting out. We have padded walls to allow many students to be simulating takedowns and wrestling off the cage at any time.

The MMA zone is heaven for any Martial Artist, a serious playground to get a serious education.

Ultimately the best people to listen to are the people that train here – read some testimonials from our members to see what they think…